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Why to choose a Riad?

Riads helped many europeans to discover a real luxury. Since then a pompous modern hotel Amanjena has been ironically called the "Moroccan Disneyland." It is believed that it attracts those who love fakes. Those who prefer real diamonds and have already tried riad hotels, rent them for several months in summer or winter. Yes, in the medina there is no golf, but it is the epicenter of local life. Tom Ford, the director of the Gucci House, roams the street markets their himself in search of new ideas. And within the walls of a unique riad you can imagine yourself a rich Moroccan merchant. Many riads, as well as our Haj Palace Riad, have a hammam at the entrance, a rooftop pool, a fireplace. Rooms for rent in Riads are offered with the servants, and it is possible to have baby-sitters as well. There are large and small riads, so the rental prices range from 800 to several thousand euros a week. Often these units can be rented for a few days.

Fabulous riads mini-palaces won the hearts of all tourists sensitive to aesthetics. Many of these houses are bought for the purpose of restoration, with an authentic furniture and carpets, or to equip the interiors to their owners' taste. A riad in need of general renovation, depending on its size, can cost in Marrakesh from 40.000-120.000 euros. Price of a new fully furnished riad of 600 sq.m. with two courtyards and six bedrooms may be up to 700.000 euros.

What is better - a villa in Palmer or riad in the medina - it's a matter of taste. But all categories of riad buyers are usually happy. Anyway, people like Charles Aznavour, Alain Delon and Madonna totally satisfied with the quality of the local real estate, living and service. Luxury Riad Hotel in Fes (Fez), Morocco - Back to Home Page