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Riads in Morocco

Morocco is a country where fantasies become reality, and one maze of narrow streets lead you to the inconspicuous door, where beyond the threshold you are greeted by a real fairy-tale palace with a small garden, a fountain, a swimming pool and a marble staircase. And, to your excitement, you may live in it! In Morocco you can stay at a big hotel or at a small ancient palaces, retaining its luxury and charm. Such hotels and palaces are called riads. The greatest number of riads located in the medina, or an old city of Fes. Riads in the city are often old houses, restored and filled with antique furniture and an amazing taste of selected antique home furnishings. The number of rooms vary from five to fifteen, and none of them resembles another. Occasionally, a riad is built in place of the old one which was demolished and then recreated with caution. There may be a swimming pool, though small. Typically, rooms and lounges are located around the patio, Andalusian patio, with a fountain and orange trees, illuminated with lanterns in the evenings. Between the trees in the niches tables are arranged for lunch and dinner. Even if you do not live in a riad, you definitely need to go to lunch or dinner with no hurry and spend three or four hours there in peace and coolness, unexpected after a hot noisy bustle of the streets located nearby. The main advantages of urban riad are silence, peace, eastern laziness, coolness and bliss. Riads enchant by a spell of gradual overflow from a living room to a smoking lounge, from a bedroom with a bed under a canopy gas to a cool velvet cushions patio or a deck chair poolside. A huge basket of fruit in your room, mint tea and sweets served to a pool, viscous ruby wine at night in the old glass in the light of colorful lanterns and crystal music sounding clear where - all of these will wait you in the wonderful place called Moroccan riad.

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