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Riad Hotels in Morocco

Riads in Morocco have always been there. However, for quite a long time they were not of much interest to European buyers (except for certain types of eccentrics such was Getty. Riad is a traditional house, located in the medina, the old part of the Moroccan city. From the street, they look simple enough: deaf plastered walls and wooden entrance door. But external austerity offset decorative rampage inside. The fact is that the hotel riad has a second facade, hidden from passers, which overlooks the courtyard. This square or a rectangular open area is called wast ad-dar. Built around it there is a space for a Moroccan home, there come all the windows and exterior doors (walk-through rooms in the house there). Often there is a fountain set or a garden, where a fragrant jasmine or rose are planted. A room of hotel-riad is covered with sun shades with marble columns and it is richly decorated with mosaic, covered with multicolored enamel tiles, stained glass, cedar wood. In the Medina of Marrakech alone, there are 2.300 of such private mini-palaces.

The old city, where the most hotel riads of Morocco are concentrated, was visited in the 90-s by the visitors who just went there to feel the Moroccan atmosphere, smell and color, buy a mint of tea or eat couscous. However, at the night they always came back to their luxury hotels and villas on the outskirts. It was only in 1989, when someone from the Europe got the idea to buy a riad hotel and turn it into a unique hotel. They say that the first such hotel Riad was Valla Maroc Essueyre, which brings together two estates of the 18th century. The demand for the unusual accommodation turned to be unexpectedly large. Formally, Riad was ranked only 3 stars, the rooms had no phones and televisions, but the booking line for this place on popular dates accounted for 9-10 months prior to arrival. All the glossy magazines from the authoritative AD to glamorous ELLE Decor described its interiors with admiration.

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