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Hotels in Fez

Fez is the oldest of the four imperial cities of Morocco, the largest in the West Africa and the center of Islamic culture and education. The city is located in the north of Morocco. Fez is called the Athens of Africa and it is the pearl of Arab culture. Since the 11th century there has been one of the oldest universities in the world. The first hotels in Fez appeared several centuries ago.

Today, Fez is a big modern city with a population of over half a million inhabitants. There are quite a lot hotels in Fez as well, you can select the one according to your own taste.

In Fez summers are dry and hot, winters are cool and rainy. In the summer the air is heated up to +51 C. The best time to travel to Fez is at the beginning of summer, when there is no rain and the temperature is still comfortable. Riads are cozy hotels in Fez where you can hide from the heat and relax in comfort and luxury.

Old Medina of Fez (11th century) attracts the most tourists. It is a medieval town with a maze of thousands of narrow streets, preserved almost intact. This part of town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this part of town there is a large number of hotels in Fez, mostly famous riads such as Haj Palace Riad.

Medina is surrounded by powerful fortifications, to get through you can via several gates, the Bab Bou Dzhelud gate is considered to be the main one.

If you go to Fez in summer, you may attend the International Festival of Sacred Music, which is held here every year in early June. The most famous musicians of the religious communities in the Middle East, Asia and the West come to Fez to share experiences, participate in concerts, exhibitions, lectures and seminars, which are held during that week. At the festival you may see the dancing of Sufi dervishes from Turkey, hear the music of the Berbers, the Arab-Andalusian music, sacred hymns of Hindustan, sacred music of the Celts, the psalms. Do not forget to pre-book hotels in Fez, as there are many guests in the city at this time.

As for nightlife, bars and dance floors can be found only at large hotels in Fez.

As a souvenir from Fez you may buy leather. It has been excreted here for centuries.

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