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About Our Hotel - Riads in Morocco

The story of the HajPalace is as fanciful as the story of Morocco itself, following all the intrigues of the Royal reign during the XIIth century. After the fall of the Merinid dynasty the RoyalPalace was divided between the various descendants. One part of the Palace was sold to a rich merchant; another part became a market, while the third part, the HajPalace itself, became a residence of Kadi (Supreme Municipal Justice). Kadi's descendants in turn sold the Palace, which became an ordinary carpet shop and a faded glory of the splendour it once resembled.

Examining historical materials it became apparent that the white-painted interiors did not represent the original colour scheme of the Haj palace, as well as other traditional riads in Morocco. It was thought that the white walls and brown wooden features such as window frames, doors and furniture were the only colours of riad internal decorations. This colour scheme, however, was chosen by the French to hide the religious and cultural differences between various people groups living in Fes. Before the announcement of protectorate in 1911, each city district had its' own distinct door colour, furnishings and symbols representative of their Jewish, Muslim religions and ethnic traditions. To avoid conflicts between different communities, the French Deputy on Fes ordered all walls to be painted white or light-beige, while beautifully carved window frames and doors to be brown.

The exterior colours of the Royal Palace were once green, red and gold, while the interiors were painted by colours seen in the nature: purple - the colour of mountains at sunset, yellow - the hot desert heat, beige - like the sand at sunrise and orange - the colour of the glorious sun. These colours are now a prominent feature in our hotel.

HajPalace is a traditional hotel riad in Fes, consisting of two sections. The riad has 15 rooms (25 to 140 sq.m), a patio, multipurpose flat rooftop, adjoining gallery, gym and two saunas. There is also Dar, a small 3-level building offering 3 rooms, patio, warm winter salon, dining room, kitchen, small pool and garden.

Traditional riads in Morocco consist of four sections reflecting canons of islam, which allows an orthodox Muslim to have up to four wives. Each section is a separate house for one family: a wife and children of riad's owner. This idea is reflected in our riad. On offer is either one room, or the whole section, usually consisting of four rooms.

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