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Fes is the nearest to Sahara large city of Morocco. It is 350 km away from Sahara. Excursion lasts two days. You will have a chance to see sandy mountains as high as 15-re building, have a jeep-ride, camel-ride, taste shish kebab and try camel milk with dates.

Also you will have a chance to make incredible photos of The Valley of One Thousand Kasbahs (Bedouin douars) near Thafilalet, buy original zoolite ancient fishes (or perhaps crocodiles) lived 300 mln. years ago, get tired and return happily to amenities of civilization in sweet Fes.

Terms of Moulin Yaocub

They are located 15 km away from Fes. They give great opportunity to feel yourself renovated, newly born in hydrogen sulfide sources. Spa, massage and other beloved services are included.


Volubilis is an Old Roman city founded in Ist century. It is 70 km away from Fes. It looks as it has been left by its citizens just a moment ago for all-the-city picnic. Arch of Karamalla, Temple of Apollo, amazing mosaics of fresh colors kept alive for two thousand years. Futhermore there are a lot of other miracles you can find there, in worldwide famous monument, protected by UNESCO.


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Meknes is located 54 km away from Fes. It one of the empire cites. In XVII century it was the capital do Moroccan Imperia but not long. At present time it is a center of the agro industry and wine industry. To stay in Meknes and dont visit wine (like Bordeaux) valley and dont taste them is unallowable mindlessness.


Ifran is located 79 km away from Fes. It is a center of the national park with the same name. When you are here you feel as if you have come to Alpine Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The only thing can confuse you that macaques are walking around the streets. It snows in winter till 1.5 m width. Ski, walkings, and you are surrounded by cedars 70 m high, near 4 m of width. By the way, mineral water Vittel is not from France, but it is from Ifran. French people have only registered the trade mark.


Are you fond of story of Osterics and Obelics? And what about film Gladiator, The Thief of Bagdad, and The Holy Passion? You can also plunge into atmosphere of favorite films, visit film set, where all these films were made, in the city Ourzazate, at the Atlas studio. At the way to Big Atlas and Middle Atlas youll get truly excited on mountain roads of Plato. Alpinists will have a good time at 400 m height mountains of Todra.

The University of Al-Karaouine

Founded in 859, as a religious school, the university is one of the leading spiritual and educational centers of the Muslim world. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest degree-granting university in the world. The Al Karaouine mosque until it became the largest in North Africa, with a capacity of more than 20,000 worshipers. On the territory of University you can see Tomb of Irdis II - founder or Fes.

Golf, hunting, fishing

At the uptown of Fes there is the biggest in the country Royal Golf-Club. Golf fans could enjoy all amenities of the game.

True men, who cant live without gun and trophy horns will get excited in foothills of Rif, only 110 km away from Fes. Tents, guns and meal, drinks are guaranteed.

But if suddenly you would like to fish out a soma of 2 meters or silver carp, freshwater lakes 30 km away from Fes are always at your service. Youll have, what to photograph, to remember and to eat


The Jewish center in Northern Africa Sefrou is located 40 km away from Fes. According to some scientifics opinion Jews and Berbers occupied the territory of Morocco 2 thousand years before Arabic dominion. During medieval Reconcists of Iberian Peninsula Jews had to move for the second time, when Christians under death threat expatriated Jews and Arabians from the territory of todays Spain. The history of Sefrou began from the the turn of I century. There they founded the first synagogue in Africa.

Sefrou is famous for its cascades, cherry holiday. Well-known Quirsh came just from here.