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Some advantages of going to Morocco

Magnificent beaches and picturesque bays, ancient cities and unique sights attract tourists from all over the world to Morocco. It is one of the most ancient countries of the African continent which at first sight amazes and surprises with a mix of old traditions and modern style of life. In medieval Fez it is possible to meet a man wearing national clothes, carrying a laptop or talking on a mobile phone. The monarch Mohammed VI heads a surfing club. Such contrasts are surprising and they do this country especially attractive.

High Atlas mountains with magnificent views are the best place for walking and going camping. Travel to Morocco will be of interest to admirers of mountain skiing who have a good chance to practice their skills here in winter. And to those who prefer swimming in the sea it is better to go to Agadir and Essuejr.

The city of Rabat is the capital of Morocco, both ancient and modern. It is typical orient city with a mess of narrow small streets and lanes, numerous markets and mosques. When you arrive to the largest resort of Morocco called Agadir situated on the Atlantic shore it seems that you are in an absolutely another world where almost nothing reminds you of being in an Arabic country. Smart country houses, night entertainments and shopping, sound of languages from all nations around the world – this is a special resort atmosphere which reigns here. Just a hundred kilometers further and you again in another world – here, in Es-Suvejre. the old Portuguese fort is located, and the city still keeps an inexpressible atmosphere of an old port.

Each of the medieval towns possesses its own individuality. In the Old city of Marrakesh you will see red-brick shades, in Fes it is sine-blue that prevail, and houses of Meknes are covered by a green tile. Such distinctions are simply explained – all imperial cities were constructed by different governors and served as capitals of different states in the past.

Travel to Morocco is ideally suited for those who want to combine a relaxation on a beach with an interesting excursion programs. The main resorts here are in immediate proximity to the largest sights.

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