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Welcome to the Haj Palace hotel, a new luxury riad in Fes (Fez), Morocco!

Haj Palace is a new riad hotel and is located in the heart of the ancient Medina, a historical part of Fes. Fes was founded at the end of the XIII century as the residence for the Royal family Merinid and served as the first capital of Morocco. Our hotel showcases a rare blend of ancient architectural traditions and modern conveniences.

The interiors of our riad have been restored in the style of the XIII century glory with it’s unique colour arrangements, room decor and the layout of the Court. By staying at the Haj Palace you will be immersing yourself in the history of Morocco.

At our riad you will also be able to view an exclusive exhibition of hand-made carpets which boast the weaving traditions of the various tribes of Morocco.

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To our guests' attention: our hotel is a smoking-free place. Smoking is allowed only in special rooms.

Our new luxury riad hotel in Fes, Morocco welcomes you! Here you will find your perfect Morocco Fez hotel for Marrakech accommodation in the city of Fez, the old capital of the country where the spirit of the Maghreb lives. Fez hotels are mostly traditional riads or Moroccan houses consisting of four sections reflecting canons of islam. If you are planning a Marrakech holidays or a travel to Fes, you would better book hotel in Fes in advance to find better Fez accommodation. We recommend you to choose traditional riads in Fez to stay as a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of Morocco. There is no other place like riads in Fes where you may find comfortable Marrakech accommodation in the very heart of the ancient city, so called Medina, full of historical treasures waiting for you almost around every corner.

Our hotel Haj Palace is a traditional hotel riad in Fes, consisting of two sections – read more.
Fez still continues to be an impressive city for its splendid, enchanting and pure evocation of mediaeval times. The city is famous with its riads. Fes riad is a perfect place to stay and plunge into a history of this country.
More about Fez - Riads Fez are truly real wonder and a perfect place for accommodation.
Our hotel belongs to the traditional riads in Morocco. Today riads in Morocco are the most convenient places for tourists to stay and explore history and tratiions of this beautiful and ancient country.
Morocco is a country of contrasts where everybody will find its own treasures worth to be explored. Medieval ancient cities where it seem that the time stopped here, energetic atmosphere of modern resorts and beautiful beaches, snowy mountains and skiing under the brilliant sky – all of this is Morocco. Look for some advantages of going there!
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